For many years, VDAB has been offering distance learning for jobseekers and employees, in the form of free web courses. Additionally, a type of blended learning has been introduced recently, i.e. the Flex-iTraining.

This case has two goals: to offer you a global picture of such a Flex-iTraining trajectory on the one hand, and to zoom in on the aspects of e-coaching within this form of blended education on the other hand.

You will get more information about the following elements:
– what is a Flex-iTraining and which is the intended target audience of the VDAB?
– how is the Flex-iTraining organized?
– what is the role of a(n) (e-)coach within anFlex-iTraining?
– what is the approach for giving digital feedback?
– which digital tools are being used in th econtext of Flex-iTraining?