Welcome [to Digital Didactics]!

This website aims to immerse you in the possibilities offered by digital didactics. The focus is on teaching rather than on technology. This provides a stepping stone for trainers, instructors and teachers to familiarise themselves with digital didactics.

The practice will be strengthened based on the theory.

If this is your first visit to this website, it is best you start by clicking on ‘introduction‘.

You can independently go through the website or via an organised guided training program. Currently it is only available for internal partners, but this fall, you will have the opportunity to take part in the training program. One of the benefits of the training is that you take your own practice situation into the training, allowing you  to experience a fast transition from the content of this website to your everyday situation.

Have a lot of digital didactical fun!


This project is co-financed by the ESF and the Flemish Government.