What technological tool would you choose in this situation and why?

You give face-to-face lectures to a group of students about the history of the computer. The main doelstellingAn objective describes what you want to accomplish with your students. Objectives range from a focus on knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences (= integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes). at this stage is that your students improve their knowledge about the history (important dates, facts, etc.). One of your students breaks his leg and can not attend the next three lessons. What technological tool would you choose to help your student to achieve the goals?


  • chat

  • discussion forum

  • lesson recording

  • prezi

Why would you choose this tool?
Consider the guidelines of the TPACK model (technology – pedagogy – content).

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In this case, we would recommend a lesson recording. This allows you to give the same information to the student as to the others. Moreover, it is very efficient: you do not need to teach the same lesson twice, nor to adjust the content to another medium, which would imply the risk of forgetting or changing the information.

You would need to do so if Prezi was used as a tool. A Prezi presentation could serve as a summary or reminder, but in itself it is not sufficient to replace the lessons.

Next to lesson recording, you could certainly use Chat or a forum, as a channel for your students to ask questions (to you and / or fellow students), but we would not recommend it as the only way to replace the lessons.

By working in this way, you can adjust the technology to the content (the subject, objectives) and the pedagogy, as in the TPACK-model!