In order to become a natural at the principles of TPACK model and to learn to apply them in concrete and realistic situations, you can play the ‘TPACK, the game’. In this game, you are challenged to think about which ‘T’ (technological tool) suits a given ‘P’ (teaching approach, werkvormMethods specify how you want to work and specify activities for the teacher and the student. The choice of a work method will be related to the proposed objectives and the context.) or ‘C’ (content) best. So you can for example practice in choosing the most appropriate technological tool for a given subject content and teaching method.

This is a practical activity that you can do alone or in groups. Here you can find the instructions!


What do you need?

  • cards with certain ‘T’, ‘P’ and ‘C’ – Tip: you can use the cards that you find in the instructions, or you can make the cards yourself (choose your own T, P and C) based on this template.
  • 3 cups or bags to put the tickets in by type (T, P or C)


More visually oriented?

You can also watch a video (in English) for the instructions on TPACK the game. Click here for the long version and here for the short version.


Important: “TPACK-NL, the game” is not our own concept, we have derived it from


TPACK-NL, the game is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that everyone can share the game and adapt it, provided that the game is not used for commercial purposes, that you refer to the original game, and that you disseminate any modified or supplemented game under the same license. We would like to receive the customized versions, so that we can disseminate them again through so that more people can make use of it.