Training trajectory · Target Audience

If you are going through this trajectory, you are a teacher, instructor or trainer who wants to know more about what digital didactics actually is, and somebody who wants to follow a course where the focus on the technical area, is being limited. When you follow the guided training program you will not only master some technical aspects, as it is offered as practical as possible, but this will be under the guidance of experienced coaches. It is not like that they will do everything for you, but they will help you with their experiences and work together with you towards a good result. This will increase your enthusiasm and motivation to continue with the trajectory. The technical part here is secondary to the didactical aspect, but without a concrete tool it can also be difficult to reach a final result.

You will be able to actually taste the different aspects of digital didactics, experience it and discuss about it. You will especially learn a lot by actually doing it. Much prior knowledge of this is not needed to get started. If you have a PC, laptop or tablet, you are quite alright to embark on this great adventure.