Why e-learning?

Digital learning already exists a long time and more organisations and individuals are taking the first steps in this field. The are many advantages. The content is always:

  • accessible,
  • uniform,
  • can easily be modified and
  • can be tailored to the target audience.

In this way, there is a clear advantage for everyone, although, this comes not automatically. An additional effort, to build a digital offer or allow students to start with this, is necessary.

You can also ensure that you as a teacher can integrate more interactivity into the digital offer, whereby learners are stimulated and motivated to continue to work. With the increase in the number of students per course, digital learning can help to build greater dialogue among students and between you, as a teacher. By creating a higher level of participation, learners also receive additional impulses and they can get more out of what is offered.

ICT is integrated almost everywhere in your everyday life. How can it then be an oversight in learning?