Training trajectory . Design

The training program aims to give you a very practical experience about how to get started with digital didactics.The course is offered in a blended form where we are combining online with face-to-face methods, which is a reflection of what usually occurs in reality. The detailed trajectory would like to offer you the most realistic experience regarding what teaching with digital didactics can do for you.

It is fully modular designed, giving you the ability to navigate freely and even to start with a certain part or course unit (read module). Within each module you can also choose which tab you would like to go through first, according to your own needs, your own way of learning. You can go through the module chronologically from Overview to Theory, Exercises, Case studies or learn more by choosing the In-depth study section, or in any order you prefer. That way, you have the freedom to preview the content, or first to try out the exercises, or see some examples, to get a first view of what will be the content of the module.

If you want to take the whole course completely independent, you will have the opportunity to do so. There is, after all, navigation available (read: arrows to a page forward or backward).You will find these on two places:

  1. At the top of the left column.
  2. At the bottom of each page.

141103 Screenshot navigatie