Why digital didactics?

In the run-up to this project, we came to the conclusion that until today a lot of digital learning exists but that there was no uniform provision on this issue for teachers, instructors and coaches. The focus is often too much on the technical rather than on didactic. Here you will you will find an explicit focus on the didactics. It is important to start from the didactics, because in this way we can see how and under what conditions the potential of ICT in the learning process can be utilised. That way you can realise an improvement and renewal of the training, organised by yourself, with the help of ICT.

Sometimes it is also alleged that specific digital learning principles do not exist. In other words, what does it matter now if learning is organised with or without ICT?

The design and supervision of a fully or partially digital education requires new approaches and new competences. For example, now you can see that the guidance of an electronic discussion requires very different approaches than a “face to face” discussion. Here you will find many examples of the changing digital-didactic approach when ICT is used.