Exercise about finding material

Find material that you could use in your own course.
Think about what digital information you’d like to add.

Example 1: Find a picture of the Belgian flag (to be used by copying the image, note copyright)

Example 2: Find useful information on the current price of electricity and the future evolution (to be used via a web link)



Use the search  options such as cc search and check whether you are entitled to use what is found)

Solution example 1

– go to the site via search cc http://search.creativecommons.org/?lang=nl

– type the search term ‘Flag of Belgium’ and you select ‘Open Clip Art’

– now copy the result to your document

– since Open Clip Art is a public domain you can use those images freely.

Solution example 2

– go to www.google.be

– type as search term ‘current price of electricity’

– then select the Vreg site

– here, you can reuse the information, always mention the source.