Multimedia Principle

Students learn better from words and graphical elements than from words only.

  • Words can be spoken as well as written text.
  • Graphical elements are static illustrations such as drawings, graphs, tables, maps or photos or dynamic elements such as animations or videos.
  • When developing your course, you think about how words and graphical elements can work together to deliver an added value to the student. If both are not related to each other, it does not help the student advance.

Types of graphics that may be useful

  • Relational
  • Organizational: chart or matrix
  • Transformative: videos or a series of successive images
  • Interpretative: animations

When dealing with facts and concepts, organizational or representative graphics are useful. In case of a description of a process or procedure, an animation can make a great added value.

This principle works best for students with little prior knowledge. Animations are not always the gold solution. They can sometimes overload the memory of the student.

The BEODL0001 planes test: tested at a seminar of BE-ODL. Group only written text, group written text with an explanation of the speaker and group with video. Conclusion: 1,3,11 respectively approved aircraft.