Asynchronous tools

  • Email: archetype of an asynchronous communication tool
  • In the cloud, shared documents: eg. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs, …


Voorbeeld gedeelde documenten

An example of a shared document

  • Discussion forum: is an online discussion space between different users. These users post longer messages and can consult each other asynchronously; the contributions are archived and discussions can continue over a longer period of time.
  • Wiki: was extensively covered in “Organization tools”.
  • Blog: was extensively covered in “Organization tools”.
  • Online Social Network (site): is an internet service that allows users to create and maintain a social network. This is usually done by creating an online profile that can then be linked to the profiles of others. This social network can consist of a pre-existing offline social network, but may also consist of Internet users who have never met before. Often, the network has a mixed character. A social networking site is being used to communicate e.g. personal experiences, opinions, or news and to share information with others.

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