An animation is playing a series of still images,  called frames, consecutively. The frames can include photographs, illustrations, diagrams, etc. Due to a rapid succession we can obtain an illusion of movement. The whole is supported with textual and / or aural explanation.

  • Allows for abstraction, and is therefore extremely suitable for explaining a concept, a mechanism, a method, a theory.
  • The use of simplified drawings and diagrams draw attention to the essence, there is no disturbing context (compared to a video).
  • Attention of students is the highest if well made and not too long.
  • Better knowledge acquirement.
  • Attractive, makes learning fun. Higher engagement, sustainable motivation.
  • A concept animation explains one content only in one way.
  • Developing concept-animations yourself is difficult, making someone else develop it is expensive.
  • Concept animations are often difficult to modify afterwards.