Digital tools to support the teaching methods

In module 1 (TPACK) you came across a number of teaching methods:

  • Lecture, demonstration (“give instruction“)
  • Discussion, class discussion (“foster interaction“)
  • Voting, educational conversation (” ask questions“)
  • Homework, writing a paper, field work, apprenticeship (“give tasks“)

You also got acquainted with a number of (digital) tools to support the different methods:

  • Slides, web-recordings, knowledge clips, animations, graphics, audio, video, … (“information tools“)
  • Mindmap, blog, wiki, … (“organization tools “)
  • Simulations, … (“executive tools “)
  • Exercises, games, … (“training tools“)
  • Exams, … (“test tools“)
  • Chat, discussion forums, wikis, … (“collaboration tools“)

This module also discusses the different tools, with the aim to deepen your technological knowledge (TK) in this regard. We discuss advantages and disadvantages, (didactical) gains, practical and technical implications (organic and infrastructural requirements) of the most common tools, to assist you in choosing the most appropriate combination of teaching  method (s) and tool (s).

Where possible, we already gave an indication regarding the development costs (further elaborated in Module 3. Development).